WW3 Report 11/18/21

Previously we noted that despite tiny NATO-member Estonia not actually sharing a border with Belarus, its government ordered snap military drills and the erecting of additional barbed-wire along its border with Russia in a message of solidarity with Poland amid…


WW3 Report 11/17/21


🇺🇦Ukraine has said it will deploy another 8,500 troops and 15 helicopters, to guard its border with Belarus, aiming to prevent possible attempts by migrants to breach the frontier.

The United States has warned European allies that Russia could be…


WW3 REPORT 11/16/21

EU to target airlines, travel agents in Middle East 
Belarus says assertions it engineered crisis are absurd 
Poland says up to 4,000 people stuck on Belarus border 
EU urges Kremlin to press Minsk; Moscow offers to mediate 



Religious Exemption Copy Paste

Good luck 


To begin, a simple fact - when seeking / discussing / considering any legal advice... CYA... as in C Your Attorney! 

With that said, I have researched the topic of employer mandated vaccines thoroughly, and have arrived…


5th Circuit

A federal appeals court on Saturday blocked the Biden administration’s private employer COVID-19 vaccine mandate, asserting there may be constitutional issues with the requirement. 

“Because the petitions give cause to believe there are grave statutory and constitutional issues with the…



NYC municipal workers have started their revolt against Mayor De Blasio’s COVID-19 jab mandate.  50,000+ city workers and their supporters marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall to make their voices heard.  But marching isn’t the only way New…