Hemorrhagic Fever

Health authorities said they have diagnosed two cases of a viral hemorrhagic fever in Britain, and possibly a third -- marking the first time the illness has been seen in the country in over a decade. 

Officials said the cases of Lassa fever involve members of the same family and are linked to recent travel to western Africa, where the illness is endemic. Two of the cases are conclusive and the third hasn't been confirmed yet. Lassa fever is an acute viral hemorrhagic illness and infection usually occurs through food or household items contaminated with urine or feces from rats who are carrying the virus. 

Symptoms of Lassa fever include fever and fatigue -- and in more severe cases, bleeding in the mouth, trouble breathing and low blood pressure. Most people who contract Lassa fever don't develop any symptoms and it's fatal in only about 1% of cases. The new cases are the first in Britain since 2009. 

The problem with this report is that the disease may not be standard Lassa fever, but possibly something new that was created through gain-of-function research. Dr. Yan has not confirmed this, but based on sources and evidence, Lassa is one of the bioweapons they prepared to launch attacks during or after Winter Olympics. 

She noted that CCP military scientists worked with Liberia to study Ebola in 2014. They also sent six groups of scientists to Sierra Leone to study Lassa viruses, most recently in 2020. The west Africa studies by the CCP can help people understand their military-civil fusion and bioweapon program. 

If she is correct, and all of her predictions have been proven accurate so far, this could mark the beginning of very troubling times in the world. Covid-19, while dangerous to the elderly with the earlier variants, seems to be rapidly fading. Governments around the world are lifting restrictions (though some, such as Canada, France, Australia, and the United States, continue to head in the other direction). It seems like the perfect time for the CCP, with the Olympics in Beijing, to spread a new bioweapon. 


According to Creative Destruction Media, “Well-placed sources have informed CDMedia that the armed forces of the Chinese Communist Party, the People’s Liberation Army, have launched another virus on its own people during the Olympics in Beijing, in order for athletes and diplomats to return home and infect the rest of the world, particularly the West.” 

CDM also explains how the virus has been engineered to extend its incubation time for maximum global impact: 

The virus has been altered inside a laboratory to make the incubation period longer than usual, now suspected at 3-4 weeks, in order to allow visitors to Beijing to return home with no symptoms during transit… The virus is said to be highly transmissible, and causes bleeding through multiple orifices of the body, even the skin. 


Hemorrhagic Fever Kills African Refugee 

Bleeding From Eyes, Mouth and Nose  

FEBRUARY 13, 2022 

3 African refugees infected with Lassa Fever 

1 African Refugee Dead Lassa Fever 

Officials Issue Hemorrhagic Fever Warning   

Officials Tracking Down Everyone Exposed To Patients 

Lassa Fever is an hemorrhagic fever, which can lead to death from internal bleeding and affect multiple organ systems bleeding from the eyes, mouth and nose . 





Three cases of the Ebola-like virus have been confirmed in the UK and one patient has died, the UK Health Security Agency has confirmed. 

Staff who were in direct contact with one of the three patients at a hospital in Cambridge have been advised to self-isolate. 

In a statement on Friday, the NHS reassured the public that the risk from Lassa fever “is very low” and said the major incident was declared because of the impact the self-isolation periods will have on key services. 

“UKHSA advice is that some staff at the hospitals where the patients have been treated may need to undergo testing and wear more personal protective equipment (PPE) than normal. 

“Staff in direct contact with confirmed cases will have to self-isolate for a period of time. This is standard procedure and precautionary only. 

“Because of the impact this will have on staffing key services in our region we have declared a regional major incident. This allows the region’s healthcare systems to work together to keep services running safely. 

“Some hospital services will be affected, with a number of services either postponed or moved to a different location. Patients that are affected by this will be contacted directly.” 

According to reports in the Health Service Journal, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust was forced to close a “substantial” portion of its critical care beds due to staff being told to self-isolate after being in contact with one of the patients. 

The first death from Lassa fever in the UK was confirmed on Friday after a person from Bedfordshire died. All identified cases are from the same family in the East of England and are linked to recent travel to west Africa, the UKHSA said. 

One of the cases identified has recovered and the other is being treated at the Royal Free London Foundation Trust. 

UKHSA is contacting individuals who have had close contact with the cases prior to their infections being confirmed. 

“The UKHSA and the NHS have well established and robust infection control procedures for dealing with cases of imported infectious disease and these will be reinforced,” said Dr Susan Hopkins, chief medical advisor at UKHSA. 

Lassa, nipah and MERS were pre covid uses of the modified adenovirus. But this is just the vector rather than the mRNA part which is new in this vaccine (and each vaccine). In regards to the long haulers recovering post vaccination, currently its no more than anecdotal evidence but this is something to keep an eye on for the future. I wish I could give you more currently but unfortunately its early days. The UK has a trial up and running called the heal trial which is exploring repurposing existing medications for use in long covid. Again on a trial currently but it should produce some interesting results

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