PrepperNow is an educator, prepper, father, husband and patriot. Working in academia,  I have a B.A. in political science and an M.Ed. in education. I use the PrepperNow sites to posit my thoughts. I have a keen eye for the future and the direction of our declining empire. I can give valuable forward observed knowledge of the current state of things. I am often termed the "intel prepper".


I have been prepping for almost 10 years. Our family has a bugout homestead farm and I have many years experience in acquiring preps to handle the coming collapse of America. My wife has a medical degree and runs a clinic so let us guide you through the landmines of the changing political landscape and add value to your prepping with a focus on self sustainable  ventures. Whether you are urban, suburban or rural, we can help guide you on your journey into prepping. Those that are up on events have a better possibility of managing the emerging crises and events. So let’s get started! 

Check the contact links. I am always free to give advice.