The results show that the new bivalent booster injection (contains mRNA coding Wuhan spike + BA4/BA5 spike) confer no additional benefit compared to the initial mRNAs injections in targeting omicron. In short, the recalled antibody response is optimally to the initial Wuhan strain and not to the present omicron sub-variants. 

“Our data demonstrate that both monovalent and bivalent mRNA boosters markedly increased antibody responses but did not substantially augment T cell responses. BA.5 NAb titers were comparable following monovalent and bivalent mRNA boosters, with a modest and nonsignificant trend favoring the bivalent booster by a factor of 1.3.” 

This result is very troubling for it basically says it fails! We know that the antibodies wane rapidly yet with limited T lymphocyte response, this means limitation in capacity to clear out/eliminate virus to prevent severe illness. 

Researchers ‘evaluated humoral and cellular immune responses in 15 individuals who received the original monovalent mRNA boosters and in 18 individuals who received the bivalent mRNA boosters’. 

‘Our data demonstrate that both monovalent and bivalent mRNA boosters markedly increased antibody responses but did not substantially augment T cell responses. BA.5 NAb titers were comparable following monovalent and bivalent mRNA boosters’. 

valent &bivalent mRNA boosters." What does that mean? It means that the Pfizer bi-valent booster failed, AGAIN, and go ask Rochelle specifically how it failed her; Original antigenic sin (OAS) initial primeDR. PAUL ALEXANDER 

| TRENDING NEWSAn Ode to the Brave: The World Depends on YouWe are standing up to the mob, and together, we are strong. 
Unlike the post on long COVID this study had some horrific (if true) findings.——-| TOP STORIES FOR 11/11/2022| TOP STORYWhy Doctors Don't Care About COVID Jab Side EffectsA new Scandinavian study confirms that vaccinated individuals are at greater risk for circulatory concerns and issues involving the larger organs - the same signals popping up in the FDA surveillance data. So why aren't doctors and officials concerned - and worse, why are they hiding the data?READ MOREADVERTISEMENTShop Our Limited-Time Buy One, Get One Sales TodayYou can feel good about using our clean-ingredient products that don't contain soy, gluten or GMOs. Feel even better about our limited-time Buy One, Get One discounts on select products.VISIT OUR STORE 

In essence, reports of this new study draw an association between the number of COVID infections and increased risk of long COVID, death, and hospitalization. 

Put another way, the more COVID infections one gets the greater the risk of suffering long COVID and death. 

This study was a cross-sectional study where each group was compared to one another at the determined endpoint occurring after 1 year. The assumptions is that people from each group would be matched demographically so that the age and some health factors would be similar. Some additional weighting is also done to balance any discrepancies. 

Now, this isn’t an issue as many studies are designed in this manner. However, this design may run into the issue of swapping cause and effect relationships, such that the phenomenon may be observed as being caused by one thing (in this case the increased risk of PASC and death due to repeat infection) when in reality it may be the effect that is leading to the results. 

In essence, it may not be that repeat infections increase the risk of death or PASC, but that those who are in a more vulnerable state of health are likely to be at increased risk of reinfection and severe illness. 

As always, such statements would require some evidence, and the researchers actually provide some demographic data which may allude to this 
COVID-19 Vaccines Were Sold to the Public Based on Lies ( 


1 Introduction 

2 The Big Lie That Natural Immunity Is Weak and Short-Lived 

3 What the Public Was Told Before the COVID‑19 Vaccines Were Available 

4 What the Public Was Told When the COVID‑19 Vaccines Received Emergency Use Authorization 

5 What the Public Was Told Once the Mass Vaccination Campaign Was Underway 

6 What the Public Was Told Once the Data Showed the Vaccines Do Not Prevent Transmission 

7 Conclusion 

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Only notable because it is an MSM article.| 
 | COVID-19 Vaccines Were Sold to the Public Based on LiesContrary to faux “fact check” articles, the “public health” establishment did falsely claim that COVID 19 vaccin.. 
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Are there long-term myocarditis risks after Covid vaccination? 

| Are there long-term myocarditis risks after Covid vaccination?Both Pfizer and Moderna are launching clinical trials to track health issues — if any — in the years following a... 

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