Rona ThunderBlast 12/03/22

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Rona THUNDERBLAST 12/03/22 


Twitter Drops It's COVID19 misinformation policy. I say: Good! Here is why - YouTube 





Basically, if we were not living in a wholly captured and penetrated system it would have been game over for the CDC, BigPharma, WHO, UN, Gates, the illegitimate Federal government and its criminal agencies, and all of the other PSYOP-19 players many times over given this V-Safe release. 

V-Safe makes the terrifying VAERS look like a picnic, and the former is in theory a far more accurate representation of the VAIDS disaster we are now experiencing. 

Do NOT comply. 

SAVEV-Safe Part 1: After 464 Days, CDC Finally Coughed up Covid-19 Vaccine Safety Data Showing 7.7% of People Reported Needing Medical Care 

Last year, I wrote to let you know that the CDC was refusing to release its post-marketing safety data for Covid-19 vaccines from its v-safe system to the public, despise our legal demands for this data on behalf of the Informed Consent Action Network(ICAN). 

The CDC refused to release this data even though it had documented the data was in a form that could already be released to the public (meaning, it was “deidentified” or clear of any personally identifying information) because Oracle, a private company, already had access to this deidentified data. 

Well, after multiple legal demands, appeals, and two federal lawsuits, the CDC finally capitulated and agreed to a court ordered schedule compelling it to produce the data.  Now that ICAN, and therefore the public, have received the check-the-box portions (as opposed to the free-text field portions) of this data, the dataitself may explain why the CDC refused to release it without a fight. 

V-safe’s data shows that 7.7% of its approximate 10 million users reported having to receive medical care after receipt of a Covid-19 vaccine, and over 70% of those users sought outpatient/urgent clinical care, emergency room care, and/or were hospitalized. 

I can already hear the retort: surely these were anti-vaxxers reporting the need for medical care!  Far from.  All v-safe users received the Covid-19 vaccine.  Anti-vaxxers don’t get the shot.  Not only were these folks not against the shot – again, because every one of them got the shot – they are likely mostly vaccine enthusiasts. This is evidenced by the fact that most of the individuals who registered for v-safe did so between December 2020 and April 2021; in fact, around 9 million of the approximate 10 million users registered during this period.  This was the time, you may recall, when many people were clamoring over each other to get the shot.  When they were spending hours online searching for vaccine availability and making appointments.  When love songs were literally being sung about the vaccine. 

This was also early in the rollout when CDC recommended, and many states followed, a phased rollout, offering the first vaccines to healthcare workers and to long-term care facility residents.  It was during this period that people signed up for v-safe to participate in its rollout, excited to be part of the vaccine program.  (One can assume that more healthcare workers than elderly long-term care residents signed up for a smartphone-based program).  This also pre-dates most vaccine mandates in the country. 

The data submitted by the 10 million v-safe users therefore may be a good reflection of the experience of the larger population of 265 million Americans who received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.  To the extent it is not, if anything, these people (as enthusiasts and/or healthcare workers) were arguably more prone to underreport symptoms than to overreport. 

The data itself is disconcerting but even more incredible is the CDC’s stonewalling the release of the data, the process needed to obtain the data, and how the CDC used, or dare I say misused, the data over the last year and a half.  This story, in many ways, reflects all that is wrong with so-called public “health” authorities.  It shows the serious danger resulting when the CDC’s policies, public claims, and reputation become indistinguishable from its need to defend a product at almost all costs. 

To make it manageable to tell and digestible to folks with busy schedules, I will tell the story in several parts released over the coming days and weeks. 

The v-safe story continues in Part 2, to be released tomorrow, which will explain what is in v-safe and why you should care.  And trust me, you should care, as v-safe is likely the best evidence that exists regarding the safety profile of this product.  As I tell the story, I will endeavor through these posts to respond to the torrent of inquiries regarding v-safe, the fight to get the data, and the data itself, which I have already received. 

I will leave you with a short appearance I had on Fox News discussing the v-safe data: 


I am a proud member of the Canadian COVID Care Alliance (CCCA), which is a group of hundreds of scientists, physicians, and other health care professionals from across Canada, with even more members of the public. It is a safe place where the science and politics underpinning COVID-19 can be discussed, questioned and debated in a respectful, well-organized fashion, and in the absence of judgement, accusations and censorship. I serve on their Scientific and Medical Advisory Committee, which makes sure that content from the CCCA meets very rigorous scientific standards. 

One of my colleagues at the CCCA, Deanna, recently gave a brilliant presentation that addressed the question of whether acquisition of COVID-19 or receipt of a COVID-19 jab presents a greater risk of causing heart complications. 

COVID Chronicles is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber. 

I have seen some of my academic colleagues go so far as to publicly state that COVID-19 represents a greater risk than the inoculations based on the assumption that reports in the Canadian Adverse Events Following Immunization Surveillance System (CAEFISS) accurately capture the full spectrum of the problem! This is utterly ridiculous. They don’t seem to understand that a critical weakness of systems that rely on passive safety monitoring is that they underestimate adverse events to a substantial but difficult-to-define degree. This may be exaggerated in the context of COVID-19, where anything that goes against the prevailing ‘narrative’ is deemed circumspect and individuals reporting such things risk being publicly vilified. In stark contrast, public health officials have generally been diligent and have invested vast resources into accurately tracking ‘cases’ of COVID-19. Further, there has been little done to disentangle the cause of heart problems in people that have had both COVID-19 and COVID-19 inoculations, with much of the blame automatically being placed on the former. 

There are many other flaws in the science being used to promote the misinformed public conclusion that ‘COVID-19 causes more heart complications than the inoculations, so load up on the latter to avoid the former’. But I will stop here and simply refer you to a video presentation from Deanna, whose expertise and scientific integrity I can vouch for. The content was vetted by the Scientific and Medical Advisory Committee of the CCCA. It is a fabulous presentation of the real science. It pulls together a lot of data that have been ‘hidden in plain sight’ and highlights multiple fatal flaws in the ‘science’ being pushed by the misinformed ‘narrative’. 

So, if you can carve out an hour of your time, sit back and see how experts of integrity follow the science… 


I really wish that my colleagues following, supporting, and contributing to narrative-buoying misinformation would take the time to watch this from an objective point of view. After all, I review their disseminated information to try to understand their point of view. (I know, this is like Roger Whittaker’s song, “I dream… I but dream.”) 


The common cold coronaviruses protect against COVID. 

Cross-reactive memory T cells associate with protection against SARS-CoV-2 infection in COVID-19 contacts | Nature Communications 

Plausibility But Not Science Has Dominated Public Discussions of the Covid Pandemic ⋆ Brownstone Institute 

“Attacks on me, quite frankly, are attacks on science.” ~ Anthony Fauci, June 9, 2021 (MSNBC). 


For one thing, Dr. Fauci has not reported accurately on scientific questions throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. For another, the essential dialectic of science is arguing, questioning, debating. Without debate, science is nothing more than propaganda. 


The MSM is abysmal in this country.  A couple of problems right off the bat with this article.  Abandoning zero COVID does not mean the only choice are between zero COVID and nothing.  You can do intermediate measures.  Also, whatever measures China implements, will fail miserably.  The current strains of COVID cannot be stopped or restrained by human intervention.  The only choice is to suck it up and do the best you can at treating people.  Fortunately, even for COVID naive people, most will get through COVID without serious illness or even need medical care. 


Fertility declines near the end of the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence of the 2022 birth declines in Germany and Sweden ( 

Following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, several countries faced short-term fertility declines in 2020 and 2021, a development which did not materialize in Scandinavian and German-speaking countries. However, more recent birth statistics show a steep fertility decline in the aftermath of the pandemic in 2022. In this study, we aim to provide data on the unexpected birth decline in 2022 in Germany and Sweden and relate these data to pandemic-related contextual developments which could have influenced the post-pandemic fertility development. We rely on monthly birth statistics and present seasonally adjusted monthly Total Fertility Rates (TFR) for Germany and Sweden. We relate the nine-months lagged fertility rates to contextual developments regarding COVID-19 mortality and morbidity, unemployment rates, and COVID-19 vaccinations. We show that the seasonally adjusted monthly TFR of Germany dropped from 1.5-1.6 in 2021 to 1.3-1.4 in early 2022, a decline of about 14 %. In Sweden, the corresponding TFR dropped from about 1.7 in 2021 to 1.5-1.6 in early 2022, a decline of almost 10 %. There is no association of the fertility trends with changes in unemployment, infection rates, or COVID-19 deaths. However, there is a strong association between the onset of vaccination programmes and the fertility decline nine months after of this onset. The fertility decline in the first months of 2022 in Germany and Sweden is remarkable. Common explanations of fertility change during the pandemic do not apply in its aftermath. The association between the onset of mass vaccinations and subsequent fertility decline indicates that people adjusted their behaviour to get vaccinated before becoming pregnant, as societies were opening up with post-pandemic life conditions. Our study provides novel information on fertility declines in countries previously not affected by any COVID-19 baby bust. We provide a first appraisal of the COVID-19-fertility nexus in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic. 


Remember the scandal with Western University in Ontario, Canada, that was requiring boosters from its students? 

That’s the college that required bivalent boosters for fall classes. 

The uproar was momentous. How can a college require completely unproven “boosters” to be taken by young, healthy students who had one or more Covids anyway? 

The college finally relented and fully discontinued Covid vaccination requirements: 

Note the BLUE highlighting of “medical experts” in both above images. In three months, the brilliant “medical experts” have completed a 180-degree turnaround in their deep evidence-based scientific thinking and no longer demand the boosters. 

What made them change their minds? 

I am sure it is you, the protesters, the public, substack authors, etc. 

The experts are possibly starting to worry that their role in the “pandemic” will soon be subject to pointed questions from the disappointed public worried about health and fertility. 

Personally, I will do my best to continue exposing Covid criminals so that they are not let off the hook and their crimes are not forgotten. 

Twitter Drops “Covid Misinformation Policy” 

Life is getting better every day! 

Will the Covid criminals ever be brought to face responsibility? What do you think? 

It was not long ago that we were told to take booster after booster, seemingly into infinity. Boost up your immune system they said. 

In my last Substack article I wrote about how leading Norwegian doctors have said that they will not be taking the boosters, because they say that for young people the side effects could outwheigh the benefits. 

Upgrade to paid 

Now a professor and vaccine researcher at the University of Oslo has come out with a warning against taking the boosters, saying that people under 65 who do not belong to a risk group do not need to take a fourth booster. 

”As long as you are not over 65 years or belong to a risk group, there is no need for a fourth dose. All data we have point clearly in one direction: If you do not have an underlying illness, then you have no benefit of taking the fourth dose...It should also be said that the younger population, who have a low risk for serious covid disease, should have a high threshold for recommending more doses” says Gunnveig Grødeland 

Even the department director at the Norwegian Institute for Public Health (NIPH) is warning about young people taking the vaccine. 

”For the youngest in the age group 18 to 64, the benefits of a new dose is the lowest, and therefore negative effects like menstrual disorders can mean the disadvantage is greater than the benefit” says Are Stuwitz Berg at NIPH. 

Do you remember last year? 

Women started complaining about getting menstrual bleeding after taking the vaccine? Do you remember how they were called conspiracy theorists by the media? 

Well it turns out that Norway has had a shocking 15 000 reports of women with menstrual disorders after taking the vaccine, and Norway has officially listedmenstrual bleeding as a possible side effect of the vaccine. 

Now consider that Norway is a small country with only 5.4 million people, the total number of women of menstrual age is not very high. So 15 000 is a lot for such a small country. 

Now I found something very worrying indeed. In the VAERS database from the U.S, there has been an astronomical 31 020% increase in report of menstrual disorders in 2021 after the mRNA vaccines came out. Clearly something is wrong here. 

▷  LISTENStraight up Vaccine Homicide - Health Canada Official Stats 
"Trust the Science” 

I’m supposed to be fading into my happy place for a Merry season…and I would be doing this if I could have just left well enough alone…but, does this really seem like something I could do? 

Want? Yes. 

Need? Also Yes. 

Can do? Doesn’t really seem like it, does it. 

Now…of course I pay closest attention to the Alberta COVID Stats. I live in Alberta…it makes sense…and while I’ve had several of you reach out to provide similar data for your province, in a lot of cases, I’ve just not had the time to dive in, nor the information on where to find all of the relevant information. 

Today…because of the information on the Alberta COVID Dashboard that was updated, I’d sent an email to a few MPs and included Premier of Alberta - Danielle Smith - shared the letter so that the rest of my fellow Albertans could do the same… 

Problem with this is…my readership extends past the provincial borders and wouldn’t be that useful shared in others…so, I figured out a way to see if I could drill this out so that you’d all have a seasonal - end the COVID Vaccines NOW - message to share with your MPs and MLAs, across Canada…and what I found was incredibly troubling and can only be described as this last 2 years being little more than Straight up Genocide. 

The complicity of ALL Provincial Health Care providers and Health Canada need to be brought to task…and I mean, IMMEDIATELY! 

Any Member of Parliament, Member of Legislative Assembly and Elected City Official who lets this go on without addressing it, is also complicit in Homicide…make no mistake - if they remain silent here, they are the Enemy and need be treated as thus! 

For 2 years, we’ve been lied to. 

Lie: Take the first Vaccine that’s available - they’re all “Safe and Effective”… 

Until J&J and AstraZenneca were pulled out of Canada because they were harming people. 

Lie: Myocarditis and Pericarditis are ‘Rare’… 

Until over 80 doctors, numerous pilots, multiples of people started dying from “Unknown”…and the rates of myocarditis in all ages are higher than ever historically recorded… 

Lie: The Vaccines will Stop Transmission of COVID. 

Except they didn’t do this by way of any realistic measure. 

Lie: Tens of Thousands of Lives were Saved. 

I’ll be getting to this. 

They seized bank accounts, arrested Canadians and allowed them to be doxxed by Taxpayer Funded Media against those who were against a passport system that was employed to “keep people safe from COVID”, based on a vaccine that Never Stopped Transmission. 

They’ve ruined lives. Had people Fired. Ostracized from their Communities and have divided Canadians based on these vaccines….because if they can only save one life, right? 

Health Canada Stopped reporting and updating the Hospitalizations and Deaths from COVID by way of Vaccination Status, because the information stopped supporting their narrative of “Safe and Effective”. 

Let’s dive into that. 

Up to November 11, 2022 over 52,000 Canadians have been injured by these vaccines: 

Over 10,000 of them “Serious”. 

And since December 14th, 2020 - the majority of Hospitalizations and Body Bags have been filled by those who have taken 2, 3, 4 and some up to 5 of the COVID mRNA vaccinations - and this is when they stopped talking about it, over 2 months ago. 

And if that weren’t bad enough, the information that has been provided by all of the high population provinces throughout the country indicates that the vaccines have not only ‘Not Been Effective’, they’ve made the situation worse. 

We’ve been lead to believe… 

That as more vaccines would be introduced, less people would be dying from COVID. 

What we are actually seeing, through data provided to Health Canada is… 

That as more vaccines have been introduced, the rate of death has not only not gone down…it’s been increasing. 

More Vaccines = More Deaths. 

There is no confusion about what we had been told about the variants of COVID. We were told that Alpha was the most virulent, Delta next and Omicron with sub-strains were the most transmissible but least lethal. This in itself should have shown a dramatic effect on the amount of deaths associated to COVID over the last 3 years with a decline…but this too is not visible in the data. 

I’ve broken down the Health Canada Statistics - reported by each province to Health Canada - and this is the information they’ve been using to continue to Push the Vaccines because they are “Safe and Effective”…and it looks terrible. 


Emani et al.: "Increasing SARS-CoV2 cases, hospitalizations and deaths among the vaccinated elderly populations during the Omicron (B.1.1.529) variant surge in UK."; vaccine effectiveness (VE) for 3rd 

dose was negative since December, 2021; significantly increased proportion of cases, hospitalizations, deaths among vaccinated; decreased proportion of cases, hospitalizations, & deaths among UNvaxxed: 


Alexander COVID News-Dr. Paul Elias Alexander's Newsletter is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber. 


Of the total cases (n= 22,072,550), hospitalizations (n=848,911) and deaths (n=175,070) due to COVID-19 in UK; 51.3% of cases (n=11,315,793), 28.8% of hospitalizations (n=244,708) and 16.4% of deaths (n=28,659) occurred during Omicron variant surge. When comparing the period of February 28-May 1, 2022 with the prior 12-weeks, we observed a significant increase in the case fatality rate (0.19% vs 0.41%; RR 2.11[ 2.06-2.16], p<0.001) and odds of hospitalization (1.58% vs 3.72%; RR 2.36[2.34-2.38]; p<0.001). During the same period a significant increase in cases (23.7% vs 40.3%; RR1.70 [1.70-1.71]; p<0.001) among ≥50 years of age and hospitalizations (39.3% vs 50.3%;RR1.28 [1.27-1.30]; p<0.001) and deaths (67.89% vs 80.07%;RR1.18 [1.16-1.20]; p<0.001) among ≥75 years of age was observed. 

The vaccine effectiveness (VE) for the third dose was in negative since December 20, 2021, with a significantly increased proportion of SARS-CoV2 cases hospitalizations and deaths among the vaccinated; and a decreased proportion of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths among the unvaccinated.’ 










Shown in graph above, SARS-CoV2 cases per 100,000 population among over 18 years of age group from August 16, 2021 to March 27, 2022. Table shows that the vaccinated population (including two doses) have a significantly higher proportion of cases than the unvaccinated during the latter part of the Delta variant and initial part of Omicron variant surges. During the latter part of the Omicron variant surge, the vaccinated with the third dose have the highest proportion of infection than those vaccinated with two doses and unvaccinated. 










Figure above shows SARS-CoV2 hospitalizations per 100,000 population among over 18 years of age group from August 16, 2021 to March 27, 2022. Table shows that the vaccinated with two doses have a significantly higher proportion of hospitalizations than the unvaccinated during the initial part of the Omicron variant surge. During the latter part of the Omicron variant surge, the vaccinated with the third dose (including all vaccinated population) have the highest proportion of hospitalizations than those vaccinated with two doses and unvaccinated. 





Figure shows SARS-CoV2 deaths per 100,000 population among over 18 years of age group from August 16, 2021 to March 27, 2022. Table shows that the vaccinated population with two doses has a significantly higher proportion of hospitalizations than the unvaccinated during the latter part of the Delta variant surge and the initial part of the Omicron variant surge. During the latter part of the Omicron variant surge, the vaccinated with the third dose (including all vaccinated population) have the highest proportion of deaths than those vaccinated with two doses and unvaccinated. 

Dear Readers, 

I also embed this short piece on The Wellness Company and The UNITY Project. 

First, The Wellness Company. 

I am proud to announce a unique partnership with The Wellness Company and everyone who believes in medical freedom. My dear and esteemed colleagues Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Harvey Risch are also in partnership with The Wellness Company which provides telemedicine services for long-haul COVID, vaccine injury, and medical exemptions along with supplements and products that are fully aligned with our values. This support for The Wellness Company stems from the sub-optimal medical care and response that we experienced throughout the pandemic. It became apparent that there are many glaring gaps in our healthcare system and people were not properly treated. Thus, the pivot by us to support The Wellness Company. Take a stand against a broken healthcare delivery system with a membership in The Wellness Company, which directly funds our fight against medical tyranny. Click here The Wellness Company for more information. 

I also provide scientific support to The UNITY Project out of California. I support this tremendous initiative with some fine colleagues who have been warriors in the fight against all the wrongs in COVID. The UNITYProject aligns with my core values for it is very fierce in its fight to protect children from the danger of the largely safety untested COVID gene injection (The Unity Project Formed by Concerned Parents to Coordinate Opposition to California's K-12 COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate). 





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