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In light of the startling increase in reports of reproductive issues following vaccination, ICAN’s attorneys recently wrote a letter to our federal health agencies demanding to know why Americans were not given the same strict instructions regarding COVID-19 vaccines and reproduction that Pfizer gave its clinical trial participants. 

A recent episode of The HighWire focused on reproductive harms seemingly resulting from COVID-19 vaccines, including the alarming rise in miscarriage and stillbirth rates. ICAN’s legal team had already sent a letter to the FDA and CDC asking for a formal response to the questions raised by The HighWire. In the letter, ICAN’s attorneys point out that Pfizer elected to implement very strict protocols around reproduction in its COVID-19 clinical trial, including: 

requiring males to abstain from donating sperm and from heterosexual sex with women of childbearing potential unless they agreed to use a condom and a “highly effective method of contraception” for “at least 28 days” after their last shot; 

banning women of childbearing potential entirely unless they were “using an acceptable contraceptive method” for at least 28 days after their last shot; and 

banning pregnant or breastfeeding women. 

This was likely for good reason since Pfizer had virtually no data on its vaccine’s effects on reproduction or on breastfeeding babies except for one study conducted prior to the clinical trial which showed lipids and mRNA concentrated in the testes for up to 48 hours post-vaccination. Unfortunately, as the letter points out, post-marketing studies now show pregnancy and menstrual abnormalities, impairment of semen concentration and mobility and, worst of all, an increased incidence of spontaneous abortion associated with COVID-19 vaccination. In light of this, ICAN’s letter asked three pointed questions, including a request for an explanation as to why federal health agencies, instead of giving the same strict study protocol instructions to the American public, went the opposite direction and strongly promoted thateveryone 6 months and older receive a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as eligible – including pregnant and breastfeeding women. ICAN additionally demanded to know what evidence or safety data the FDA and CDC had in making this recommendation and what studies, if any, are being conducted on the issue that have not been made public. ICAN will keep you posted on any response we receive on this alarming issue but, in the interim, you can read the full letter here. To share this legal update, please use this link: ——— ——- ——— ——- ——- —— ——- ——- ——— ——- ——- 


To share this legal update, please use this link: 

 As part of ICAN’s ongoing campaign to expose the truth regarding the Hepatitis B vaccine, which the CDC recommends all newborns receive on day one of life, ICAN’s attorneys submitted a legal requestto the FDA for all of its communications with Merck from 2016 to 2018 regarding Merck’s Hepatitis B vaccine (Recombivax HB).In response, the FDA recently produced a 95-page “Establishment Investigation Report” which detailed a 2017 inspection at Merck’s West Point, Pennsylvania facility which manufactures Merck’s Hepatitis B vaccine (Recombivax HB) as well as Merck’s Pneumococcal, HPV, and MMR vaccines.The inspection uncovered a number of highly disturbing findings, including unsanitary practices, mislabeled vaccine products, unqualified workers, mold contamination, bacteria contamination, and failure to report or investigate production issues. Among the more shocking findings from the inspection were the following:“There have been [redacted] particulates and foreign matters non-conformances, i.e., in filled vaccine product tubes, syringes, vials, stopper bowl, production tanks, manufacturing components and solutions.” (Page 88) “There have been [redacted] VARIVAX vaccine 0.2um filters integrity failures, including, sterilizing filters, primary and secondary filters.” (Page 89). “There have been [redacted] vaccine product related glycol leaks non-conformances, i.e., leaks from ceiling onto manufacturing areas, glycol leaks from equipment during manufacturing process.” (Page 89). “Although the recall of Recombivax HB Adult batch# 0672446 was in June 2013, not all corrective and preventive actions to prevent similar reoccurrences of the 2013 vials heel crack defects have been instituted.” (Page 90). “Observation #3 from the 20l5 Pre-approval Inspection (PAI) regarding labeling of containers that are not performed according to established procedures has not been adequately corrected.  The current inspection revealed several instance [sic] of vaccine products labeling issues that could result in product mix-up, the use of the wrong products and equipment.” (Page 91). “Equipment and utensils are not maintained at appropriate intervals to prevent contamination that would alter the safety, identity, strength, quality or purity of the drug product.” (Page 95). Remarkably, despite having had, in some instances, four years to do so, the FDA noted that Merck failed to correct many of the issues uncovered. Nevertheless, Merck’s West Point facility still remains in operation today. Mind you, these grievous manufacturing issues were in a facility that manufactures vaccines intended to be injected into babies as young as one day old.Perhaps most concerning, however, is the fact that these manufacturing issues were occurring in vaccines where the manufacturer has had years to perfect its manufacturing process. It’s no surprise, then, that the “warp speed” manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines has also led to serious manufacturing issues, including when FDA inspectors found the protocols at a facility manufacturing Moderna’s vaccines were not adequate to prevent contamination.ICAN will never rest until the complete truth regarding childhood and adult vaccines is brought into full daylight. In the meantime, you can read the full report about Merck’s facility here.And here is a list of some of ICAN’s prior work related to the Hepatitis B vaccine:ICAN FILES FORMAL PETITION DEMANDING THAT THE FDA WITHDRAW ITS LICENSURE OF HEPATITIS B VACCINES HEPATITIS B VACCINE SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN LICENSED CDC CONCEDES IT LACKS ANY PROOF OF HEPATITIS B BEING TRANSMITTED IN A SCHOOL SETTING CDC CANNOT SUPPORT THAT “VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM” WITH REGARD TO BABIES ——— ——- 

"Vaccines do not cause autism." We've all heard that a million times. It's the official position of the CDC. The mainstream media dutifully repeat the official position. Doctors repeat what they hear from the CDC and the media. But to state that vaccines do not cause autism is to make the positive claim that studies have tested and falsified the hypothesis that vaccinating according to the CDC's schedule can contribute to the development of autism in children with a genetic or environmentally caused susceptibility. And the truth is that no study has ever been done that was actually designed to test that hypothesis. Consequently, it logically cannot have been falsified. I explain how the myth that science has falsified this hypothesis is deceitfully propagated in my latest article: 

Learn why 'Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism' is disinformation!

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