Crisis Report 1/11/23

🇷🇺⚔️🇺🇦The capture of Soledar opens the way to the complete liberation of the republic - Denis Pushilin 

The Head of the DPR also said that Marinka is practically under the control of our troops, but AFU has gained a foothold on the outskirts. 


🇷🇺🇺🇸🇹🇷Dmitry Peskov statements: 

▫️There are no prospects for peace talks with Ukraine, while it is prohibited by law to conduct a dialogue with the Russian Federation there, and the West does not allow Kiev to show flexibility. 

▫️There is a positive dynamic in the special operation, but we must wait for official statements about the release of Soledar 

▫️The countries of the collective West, led by the United States, are ready to continue pumping Ukraine with weapons, but their stocks are being depleted 

▫️Tactical successes in special operations are very important, they come at the cost of the fantastic heroism of Russian fighters 

▫️Ukraine is suffering from the "disease of corruption", and the flow of funds sent by the West is "clearly being used not only for its intended purpose" 

▫️There are sober voices in the West who are interested in the efficiency of spending funds sent to Ukraine 

▫️The Russian Federation is not yet facing a ceiling in oil prices, so the Kremlin is skeptical about attempts to calculate Moscow's losses 

▫️The Kremlin is monitoring the situation with information that Turkey has been supplying cluster munitions to Kiev since November 2022. 


🇬🇧 🇯🇵 🇨🇳"UK and Japan to sign defense pact to counter threat from China" - Financial Times 


🇺🇸🇪🇺🇺🇦🇷🇺Stoltenberg urged to strengthen military assistance to Ukraine against the background of the events in Artemovsk and Soledar 


🇺🇸🇪🇺🇩🇪🇫🇷🇺🇦🇷🇺Stoltenberg welcomed NATO's statements about plans to supply light tanks and infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine from US,France and Germany 


🇧🇾🇷🇺 The grouping of troops of Russia and Belarus makes a march for combat coordination - Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus 

As part of the coordination of the regional grouping of troops of Russia and  Belarus, one of the units of the 11th separate guards mechanized brigade is marching to the "designated region" to perform combat training tasks, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus said. 

Where exactly the military is sent, they did not specify, but noted that all activities are carried out under the leadership of the commander of the Western Operational Command. 


🇺🇸🇪🇺🛢"EU and NATO today will launch a working group on the protection of critical infrastructure against the background of attacks against the "Nord Streams," - von der Leyen. 


🇪🇸🇨🇭🇺🇦Switzerland is blocking third countries from supplying their ammunition to Ukraine, Europapress reports, citing Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles. According to the publication, the head of the Spanish Defense Ministry was outraged by this, saying that she was deeply disappointed by the lack of Swiss weapons from the Kiev regime. 

Earlier, Switzerland rejected Germany's request to transfer ammunition for Gepard anti-aircraft self-propelled guns to Ukraine, as well as Denmark's request to send 22 Swiss-made Piranha wheeled armored personnel carriers to Ukraine. 


🇷🇺⚔️🇺🇦Wall Street Journall spoke with one of the commanders of the Ukrainian troops fighting for Artemovsk (identity is not disclosed). 

He spoke about heavy losses and said that if this continues, the Ukrainian military "may end there." 


🇷🇺 🇧🇾"Anti-aircraft missile units of the armed forces of Russia and Belarus advanced to designated areas and took up combat duty", - Ministry of Defense of Belarus 


🇨🇦💵🇺🇦Canada will have to spend about $406 million to buy the American NASAMS air defense system for Ukraine. 

This is reported in the press service of the Ukrainian Air Force. 

The statement says that this amount is based on additional military assistance to Ukraine for $ 500 million, which was announced by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in November. 


🇷🇺⚔️🇺🇦WSJ: The AFU is suffering heavy losses on the Artemovsk-Soledar front, rapidly depleting the strength of the brigades. The Russians imposed the fight according to their own rules and the AU under threat of disaster 

▫️The Wall Street Journal writes about this and cites the opinion of the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that Russians lose fewer soldiers in these battles. 

▫️"It wasn't me, it was Tsar Leonid who came up with the idea that you should fight the enemy in a favorable terrain for you," said one Ukrainian military commander in Bakhmut, referring to the ruler of Sparta who fought the Persian Empire at Thermopylae. "So far, the exchange rate of our lives for their lives is in favor of the Russians. If this continues, we may end." 

▫️The WSJ writes that Western and Ukrainian officials, as well as military and analysts, are increasingly worried that Kiev has allowed itself to be drawn into the battle for Bakhmut "on Russia's terms, losing the forces necessary for the planned spring offensive, stubbornly clinging to a city with limited strategic capabilities." 

▫️"Some of the military say that it makes sense to retreat to a new defensive line on the heights west of Bakhmut, while such a withdrawal can still be organized in a coordinated manner, preserving the combat capability of the Ukrainian troops," the article says. 


🇵🇱🇺🇦🇷🇺Poland, within the framework of the international coalition, will transfer a company of Leopard tanks to Ukraine, Duda said after a meeting with Zelensky in Lviv(Tank company consists usually of about 10 vehicles.) 


🇱🇹🇺🇦🇷🇺"Lithuania will transfer air defense systems and anti-aircraft installations to Ukraine," - Lithuanian president said during a trip to Lviv 


🇬🇧🇺🇦🇷🇺"UK, following Poland, announced its intention to supply tanks to Kiev" - UK mass media 



About the appointment of a new commander of the SO: 

🔻From a change in the places of the terms, the sum does not change: this is the only thing that can be said about the appointment of Gerasimov as commander of the Joint Group of Forces. The Chief of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces has been appointed to replace Sergei Surovikin, who now holds the position of Deputy. 

🔻As a result, on account of Surovikin, strikes on the energy system of Ukraine, which did not lead to its complete collapse, the decision to regroup on the left bank of the Dnieper, the problems of the mobilized, the tragedy near Makeevka and the debut of "musicians" in Soledar and Bakhmut. Agree, a list of achievements that is controversial in the eyes of the layman, which will now be credited to the “Armageddon General”. 

🔻Now, in the wake of the capture of Soledar and the development of success in this operational area, everything that happens will be the merit of the new-old commander. Exactly after Surovikin was removed from the “execution” position, as it was already called on the sidelines. And this is even if we put aside the almost public conflict between the NGSh and the commander-in-chief of the Russian Aerospace Forces. 

🔻Does what is happening mean that the “unsinkable” Valery Gerasimov is now “under execution” as a lightning rod, only time will tell. 


⚡ Ukraine only has 1-2 million men of viable age which can be drafted into the war. 

14 million Ukrainians fled the war, combined with 9 million under Russian control, that leaves 3 million, and a million have allegedly been drafted already. 


🇩🇪😕The Germans are dissatisfied with deliveries of Marder IFVs and do not want combat tanks to be supplied to Ukraine - Bild 

The tabloid cites a poll in which 49% believe the transfer of IFVs was wrong. 40% support the decision, 11% are undecided as to their opinion. 50% are against transferring combat tanks to Ukraine, 38% would support such a decision. 

💥Source: Операция Z: Военкоры Русской Весны 

💥Our channel: Node of Time EN 


Statement of the Russian Mission to the UN in Geneva: 

❌ The entire "collective West" has univocally condemned the violent street protests in Brazil. After all, the goal of the rioters was clear – to instigate a coup and violently overthrow the legitimately elected president. It goes without saying that Russia has also condemned these illegal actions. 

💬 The Head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, for example, tweeted that the events in Brasilia are “a major concern to all of us, the defenders of democracy”. 

❓ A question comes to mind: where were you, the "defenders of democracy", in 2014, when a bloody coup was raging in the streets of Kiev in a similar fashion? Back then, who in the West stood with the legitimate President Viktor Yanukovich while condemning the violence of local nationalists? Nobody. On the contrary, European leaders abruptly renouncedtheir obligations as guarantors of the Agreement on settlement of the political crisis in Ukraine of February 21, 2014 and legitimized the radicals who illegally came to power. 

🤷 Ironically enough, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba has also criticized the riots in Brazil. It is understandable – who, if not representatives of the current Ukrainian regime, knows more about the consequences of bloody coups? 

❗️ The lessons of the "Arab Spring" and the "Kiev’s Maidan" have clearly shown that nothing good comes out of violent armed protests orchestrated from abroad that eventually lead to coups. However, this indisputable fact always passes through the lens of Euro-Atlantic "double standards". If it is beneficial to the West, such actions are classified as "peaceful protests and people’s right to defend democracy", if not – they are branded as "illegal street riots". 


🐆  🇩🇪 Number of Leopard 2 Tanks by Western Allies:  

🇬🇷 - 183-353  2A4  

🇪🇸 - 327 

🇵🇱 - 250-257  various  

🇩🇪 - 245-323  A4 

🇫🇮 - 124-239  2A4 

🇭🇺 - 56 edit: 12 leased 2A4 

🇩🇰 - 44-57  2A5DK 

🇵🇹 - 37  2A6 

🇳🇴 - 36-52  A4NO 

🇳🇱 - 18 

🇦🇹 - 114  2A4s 

🇨🇦 - 80-100  2A4   

🇵🇹 - 37  2A6 

🇸🇪 - 160  2A4 

🇹🇷 - 354 

Total: 2065-2484 

Some estimates place Leopards even lower at around 1300. Not all countries would be willing to donate a fraction of their Leopard tank fleet, those that do wouldn't necessarily send all their Leopards either. And most importantly, many are not in usable condition/require heavy repairs. If a coalition is approved, expect a maximum donation in the low hundreds to be sent gradually. 


🇷🇺❌🇷🇴🇵🇱🇱🇹🇫🇮 Four European countries may disappear for the sake of US interests!  

Russia's special military operation in Ukraine is nothing else but Moscow's counteroffensive against the US-led Atlantic world. This proxy war between the United States and the Russian Federation may cause not only Ukraine, but a number of other European states to fall apart and disappear. 

European countries that may disappear: 

"Let's be frank: the US will never dare to go to direct war with Russia after the defeat of Ukraine. This means that they will use other intermediaries to continue the conflict. There is no shortage of candidates, but Poland, Lithuania, Romania and Finland appear to be the most likely ones. Of course, it all depends on the Russians…" 

Poland; Warsaw uses every possible way to highlight its concerns about the idea of war with Russia. Of course, the Polish leaders are not crazy enough to go into battle alone. The idea of a Western anti-Russian coalition seems to be very tempting for Poland. 

If the United States puts forward such an idea, Poland will be happy to take it up. However, one may say with a high degree of probability that Poland will be able to fight alone, whereas the USA will profit from its arms sales. 

Russia will not invade the territory of the country.  

The Russians will throw their warlike neighbours back to the 19th century destroying all of its modern infrastructure. This will trigger a serious economic crisis and a mass exodus of the Poles to the EU and the US. 

Poland would thus suffer the same fate as Ukraine — it will be turned into a desolate land devoid of its population, on which no country would be allowed to settle. 

Lithuania; Unlike Poland, which may be tempted to enter into a military confrontation with Russia, Lithuania will never decide to unleash an armed conflict with Moscow. Vilnius is prone to making provocative decisions that could eventually force Moscow to crush this former dominion of the Russian Empire. After all, Lithuania exists just because of Russia's gracious agreement to buy it from the Swedes. 

Romania; Another small country that the US plans to use as a battering ram against Russia. 

Being a NATO member, Romania poses a few threats: 

 • for the Russian Federation — Romania could be used as a base for NATO armies that would enter Ukraine and get deployed in Odessa to prevent the Russians from liberating the city; 

 • for Transnistria — the US could push this territory into a war with Moldova, in which a Russian garrison of less than 2,000 would stand no chance. 

In any of these scenarios, Russia will retaliate by destroying all infrastructure. 

Finland; Like Ukraine, Finland is one of the countries that can not exist without Russia's approval. This country, with a border stretching for over 1300 km, is an integral part of the US strategy to encircle Russia. 

In 1948, Finland and the USSR signed an agreement in which the former saw its sovereignty, and the latter saw its security. 

It is this agreement that Finland intends to violate by questioning its existence.  

Depending on the development of events (location of bases, missile launchers), Russia reserves the right to react up to the dissolution of this Nordic state. 

All of the above scenarios are only hypothetical. Yet, Russia already admits that it is at war with NATO. Moscow will no longer impose any restrictions on itself. 



“A sudden mass exodus of warships and submarines from Novorossiysk today. Very unusual, may be a leading indicator of an operation of some kind.” 

- HI Sutton 

This morning Russian Navy ships and submarines left their base at Novorossiysk, in the Black Sea, en-masse. This is highly unusual and may indicate ongoing operations. 

Sources seen by Naval News confirm the exodus. The group included the Project 11711 Ivan Gren class landing ship, Pyotr Morgunov, the largest amphibious ship in the Black Sea. 

It also contained all three Project 636.3 Improved-Kilo class submarines which were present at the base. Analysis suggests that other warships were also sailing, leaving only a few warships and support vessels in the port. It is likely the most empty that Novorossiysk has been in many months. 

Recently Pyotr Morgunov has been to carry supplies from Russia to Sevastopol following the October 8 2022 Ukrainian attack on the Kerch Bridge. Although Russia has managed some repairs, the bridge remains at limited capacity. So the Russian Navy’s landing ships have been pressed into service as transports. However the simultaneous sailing of the submarines suggests that this may be more than a resupply mission. 



The Biden administration has yet again extended the Covid-19 public health emergency determination for another 90 days. Since first being announced on January 31, 2020, the public health determination has been renewed ten times already, making this latest extension the 11th. Also extended is the US's vaccine mandate for foreign travelers arriving in the country, which had been extended by the TSA in December through April 10. 

... of course, this doesn't apply to the more than 5 million illegal aliens that have crossed the southern border since Biden took office. 


NEW: Ecuador reports human infected with bird flu 



🇺🇸🇧🇷 - US state dept spox Ned Price: Bolsonaro isn’t engaged in official business on behalf of his government yet is on business passport, an individual having no basis to be in the United States is subject to removal 


🇨🇦 - Canadian federal government reportedly "concerned" about becoming weaker due to autonomist moves from Quebec, Alberta and Saskatchewan - La Presse 


🇫🇷 - French intelligence says its worried about a potential "social explosion" with large-scale protests and riots due to inflation, energy crisis and pensions reforms.  

French government is presenting a pensions reform that will increase retirement age from 62 to 64 and remove most special pensions regimes some professions have. Some even speculate the police may loose its special retirement regime. 


🇫🇷 - Major French police union 'Alliance' calls to join the 'mobilization' against the pension reform and to participate in the demonstrations on January 19th. 


🇫🇷 - Interesting point about Police union's statement regarding pensions reform: it appears to oppose pensions reforms in general. There is no specific mention of the police's situation in their statement. 

Potentially a sign that negotiations between interior ministry and Police unions broke down, at least for now. 

Even if there is actually a stalemate between police unions and government, govt will quickly do compromise as it doesn't have the leverage to take on police unions. 


NEW - Zelensky: "There will be no World War III. It's not a trilogy." 

"There will be no World War III. It is not a trilogy. Ukraine will stop Russia's aggression on our land. We will do it together with the whole free world," he said at the 80th annual Golden Globe Awards./ 


It will be possible to talk about the success of military operations when the goals of the special operation are achieved. 

There are no prospects for peace talks with Ukraine. (c) Peskov 

Important statements by Dmitry Peskov about the NMD and arms supplies to Ukraine by the West: 

▪️There is a positive trend in the conduct of the special operation, but we must wait for official statements about the release of Soledar; 

▪️There are no prospects for peace negotiations with Ukraine, as long as it is forbidden by law to conduct a dialogue with the Russian Federation there, and the West does not allow Kyiv to show flexibility; 

▪️The countries of the collective West, led by the United States, are ready to continue pumping weapons into Ukraine, but their stocks are depleted; 

▪️Tactical successes in a special operation are very important, they come at the cost of the fantastic heroism of Russian fighters; 

▪️Ukraine is suffering from a "sickness of corruption", and the flow of funds sent by the West is "clearly credited not only for its intended purpose"; 

▪️There are sober voices in the West who are interested in the efficiency of spending the funds sent to Ukraine; 

▪️The Russian Federation is not yet facing an oil price ceiling, so the Kremlin is skeptical about attempts to calculate Moscow's losses; 

The Kremlin is monitoring the situation with information that Turkey has been supplying cluster munitions to Kyiv since November 2022. 


Recession fears in the UK are forcing businesses to mothball hiring plans to keep costs at a minimum, a survey by auditing company KPMG and the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) released on Tuesday showed. 

US stocks are expected to undergo much sharper declines than most of the pessimistic projections outlined, according to Michael Wilson, Morgan Stanley’s chief US equity strategist, as quoted by Bloomberg. 


◾The Ukrainian recruitment officers lay in wait with their conscription lottery. Malls, supermarkets, gas stations, door by door. All are needed to replace the hundreds, if not more, of souls missing in the Bakhmut meat grinder. 




«RIA Novosti, [11/01/2023 16:33] 

General Surovikin, Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces General Salyukov and Deputy Chief of the General Staff Colonel General Kim have been appointed Gerasimov's deputies, the Ministry of Defense reports. 

❗️The increase in the level of leadership of the special operation is associated with the expansion of the scale of the tasks to be solved, the need to organize closer interaction between the types and types of troops, the Ministry of Defense said 

Commander of the United Group of Forces Gerasimov and his deputies Surovikin, Salyukov and Kim» 

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🇩🇪 German police cleared the village of Lützerath near the Dutch border after climate extremists illegally occupied a coal mine and began constructing defensive fortifications at the site. 

When law enforcement arrived, the assailants started throwing stones, Molotov cocktails and firebombs at them. 

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🚨 Myanmar military carried out airstrikes inside India border yesterday to target pro-democracy rebel groups.  

'More than 7 casualties have been reported.' - Rebel commander told The Guardian. 🇲🇲⚡️🇮🇳  

Read More ➡️ 

🚨 Myanmar Military has been crushing rebels groups after taking over country in 2021. However, it's first time fighter jets have crossed Indian border. 👀🇲🇲⚡️🇮🇳 


🇺🇸🗳👶📃 — 📰 Fox News: 210 Democrats vote against US House of Representatives bill requiring medical care for babies born alive after abortion attempt 



🚨🇬🇧 #BREAKING: UK postal group Royal Mail hit by cyber attack, unable to send parcels overseas.  

At the same time, 🇩🇰Denmark reports massive cyberattack on banks, and in the 🇺🇸US all flights grounded following what White House doesn't want to admit: a 🇷🇺Russian cyberattack. 



🚨🇵🇱 Russia and Belarus are moving troops toward the borders with #Poland. 

According to #AI, Russia will finally use 🇧🇾Belarus as a proxy to attack NATO territories, in response to what it claims "NATO using Ukraine as a proxy to fight Russia". 


Republican Senator Josh Hawley tweets … then un tweets quickly!  At least we know he wants to stop funding Zelensky.  

“Reality is getting hard to ignore. The US can arm itself and take on our #1 foreign threat, China - OR we can spend hundreds of billions in Ukraine. We cannot do both” 


🇺🇸 - YouGov finds 50% approval rating for Joe Biden, a first since August 2021 and the Afghan withdrawal. 


🇧🇷🇺🇸 US and Brazilian lawmakers looking for ways to cooperate on investigation into recent violent protests in Brazil - Reuters 

Supporters of former President Bolsonaro, who believed recently inaugurated, left-leaning President Lula da Silva stole election, stormedSenate Chamber of Brazil's National Congress among other buildings.

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